Why are your classes so expensive?

Okay, I know we all think it. Why does a pasta entree cost $35? Or why am I charging $50 a person for crochet/knit classes. If that is the first time you have heard it, I know part of you wondered if it is just plain highway robbery. So I am here to break it down in dollars and cents for ya!

One week before

I write a outline about what I need to cover in the class. It can take between a half hour to two hours depending on the skill level I am teaching. +1hr

I do the project. If it is a beginner class, a dishcloth takes me 30min of knitting and 15 minutes of note-taking. I could do a project 1.2 million times and I would still want to make sure the yarn, needles, and pattern work together. So beginner class is another 45 minutes.

Day before

Buy yarn, supplies, and food. YES FOOD!

Sister, if I am coming to your house for two hours I am going to bring food. If we meet up at Starbucks, your drink is on me. You come to my house, I am going to have wine, coffee, and snacks ready. So per person I spend around $7

Yarn and supplies are around $10 for a basic class. If we are diving into natural fibers, add $10 to that!

Day of

I spend money traveling to meet folks and I spend anywhere from 1 to 2 hours answering all of the questions and making terrible jokes.

Week After

I check in. I will also meet up with someone if they are having frustrations with their project.

Bottom Line

So let’s do the math. $17 dollars for supplies + 4 hours of prep/teaching + a lifetime of a skill = priceless.

Guys, these classes aren’t just about learning a skill, its about having fun learning a new skill. I love youtube, but for me it isn’t as great as learning from a friend, over a glass of wine and laughing when you mess up. Most importantly, you have someone right there to fix your mess up.

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