Free Pattern Alert: Kimona Kowl

As promised, I am sharing a pattern with you. If you are new here, check out my last post about my New Year’s Resolution. The Kimona Kowl is designed to lay flat underneath your coat or wear out in the open without getting in your way like a regular scarf.


Kimona Kowl
Designed to be an easy, quick present for your loved ones…or yourself.
Design: @fiberflorafire | Evie Sehr
Yarn: Big Twist Natural Blend (2 Balls)
145 yards, 7.5 grams
Other Supplies
• Needle: US N, 10.00mm
• Scissors
• Yarn needle
• Tape measure
Gauge (4”x4”) = 8 stitches, 8 rows
• Ch = chain
• Sc = single crochet
• St(s) = stitches

Row 1: Ch 52 sts (38”)
Row 2: Turn, ch1, sc 52 sts
Row 3 – 13: Turn, ch1, sc 52 sts
Once you finish row 13, fasten off and lightly tug the finished work.

Sewing it together

Take your scarf and overlay the ends as such.


Using a yarn needle and yarn left over from your project, sew along the edges using the mattress stitch as so:


If something with this pattern goes wonky, please comment below!

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