“You stole my pattern”

Happiest New Year to everyone! 2018 was awesome because I kept learning something at every. single. turn. That totally came in handy when I opened my instagram on a rainy December day.


That’s MY kowl above

The first post on my main page was this beautiful cowl and my heart dropped. At first glance, I thought it was one of my pattern testers for my kimona kowl but upon further inspection, it wasn’t. It was a pattern for sale from another fiber artist. If 2018 taught me anything it was you can be angry, but you can’t let that derail you. So I got off the couch and showed Peyton the picture.

“Hey, look people do like your pattern! When did you put it on your etsy shop?” He said, smiling.

“I didn’t. Someone else created it and posted it and people love it and I can’t believe it and I should say something.” I said, kind of sweaty and out of breath from frustration.

I put on a kettle and started thinking about what I could have done differently to prevent this pattern thief from stealing my work. Then how I was going to tear her alive with my sharp tongue and some soft little fluff-ball of an idea entered my heart. You know, when you are so freaking angry and just want to explode then something touches your vortex of a black-hole heart and your edges soften, just a bit? Know that the details of the story are fuzzy and the author unknown, but the sentiment is the same:

She was hiding under her covers when she heard Inspiration knocking on her door. She had to welcome Her quickly or Inspiration will knock on someone else’s door.

How many times have you had a great idea, you did nothing with it, and a few years later you saw it online or in an infomercial? Last March I created the pattern, gave it to pattern testers, then told myself it was dumb, no one would buy it and who do I think I am to be a pattern writer? *insert self doubt here*

So as I finally made some coffee, I started to smile. Six months ago I told myself terrible things about my ability to create and here it was on Instagram with followers and everything. I started to laugh and clap my hands because the pattern was doing great! The pattern wasn’t dumb, because people liked it. People were buying it!

The fiber artist that wrote the pattern was greeted by Inspiration after I shooed it away. So I wrote her. I told her what was going on and how grateful I was for it. I know it sounds crazy, but her pattern doing well gave me a confidence boost and I shared that with her. Based on her platform size, I doubt I will receive a response but I don’t need one because I learned my lesson: Inspiration can only break bread with you when you open your home to it. In my case, I had to tell self-doubt and fear to get the hell out of my house before I can open the door to Inspiration. In the last week of 2018, I kicked them to the curb and wrote five patterns. The first is coming at you Sunday!

Want to see what happens in 2019? Read more here and find me on facebook, instagram, and etsy.

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