I’m dreaming of a creative 2019


Every January I make some ridiculous resolution that I won’t ever stick to. Who’s with me? I am going to have a six-pack, I am going to cut out extra spending on Starbucks and yarn, and I am going to eat a salad a day were last years. By the third week of January I worked out every day, but I also ate tacobell and washed it down with a peppermint mocha. Judge me.

So this year, I decided to do something that I could actually freaking accomplish. I am going to share my creativity. If you look at my etsy or facebook page they are all my designs and most are even my own hand-dyed yarn. Do the patterns exist for them? Yes. Have I thought them worthy to share? No.

Tangent about value and worth: I have been knitting/crocheting for over 10 years and until August of this year didn’t believe that anyone would enjoy my work. Now 150 items sold later, I am starting to believe it. Show of hands, who can relate? Until seeing one of my patterns being sold by another yarn artist, I didn’t even believe my patterns were valuable. (That story is a great one and does NOT end how you expect, check it out here)

So in 2019, no matter how ugly or how big of a failure a design is, I am going to share it with you. I am also going to share my favorite designs the first Friday of every month in person! Check out January’s here. After each class, the design will be available on my etsy shop for purchase. Also a few of the completed items will be up for grabs too.

I also have lots of creativity resources coming your way! These are perfect for those who need a little help finding their creative spark and those whose spark turned into a fire they can’t control (aka starting 2000 projects and never finishing). Can you guess which I am? Hint: I am sitting on a pile of socks and none of them have matches.

If you are interested in receiving free resources from yours truly, drop your email below!


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Knitting. Coffee. Essential oils. Hiking.

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