Why I Hire Pros in my Small Business


*ding* Messenger: “Evie, can you make me a scarf in two weeks?”

I checked my calendar. I need to make a logo, take pictures for my etsy shop, finish a few hats, finish four blog posts I had started, work on my etsy shop, start working on taxes, and the list continued.

I responded with a “No, sorry I have too many other commitments at this time.” Seems like that is my normal response now as I fumbled around trying to make a social media plan, marketing plan, and keep my receipts in order. All I really wanted to do was create a few new patterns, write a blog about them, and then sell what I made. I didn’t want to do all the extra crap associated with running a business! I just wanted to do the fun things.

How often do you say “if only I could hire someone to do that” then follow it with a big ole “,but…”????  

For me, the but was always 1. I don’t have the money to do that 2. I can just do it myself, it isn’t that hard 3. it’s my business, I should be able to run it by myself. So let’s talk about each of these pitfalls and when you can throw those “buts” in the trash.

  1. I don’t have the money to hire someone There are seriously times when this is the case. When I first started making items to sale, I had enough money for yarn and that was it. So I decided that until I sold $200 worth of products, I couldn’t afford some of the marketing tools (logo, pro photos, website) that I knew I would eventually need. BUT that shouldn’t stop you from getting out there and crafting.

But, if you have some spare cash in your business account, hire someone for just a few hours to do the thing you hate the MOST in your business or the thing that takes the most time. Your time is actually worth a lot of money. Think about all the time it takes you to write shipping labels and drive to the post office or how awful it is to do your own taxes when you just have a box of receipts. I could be spending time with my family or knitting instead of terrible tasks!

2. I can just do it myself, it isn’t that hard. Have you ever had just one task that you are dreading? Maybe it’s the dishes or laundry? If you are anything like me you will keep putting it off until you don’t have any spoons or underwear. Sure, creating your own website isn’t that hard and I am all for taking ownership of your business, but do you really want to? What could you be doing instead of yelling at your computer dreading editing another photo? Playing with your kids, date night with the husband, or working out?

3. It’s my business, I should be able to run it by myself. If I had a dollar for every time I said that, I could have spent that money on someone to create my website. I don’t know when that got programmed into my small kid brain, but even when I was little I wouldn’t ask for help because “it is my homework I should be able to do it.” If given a challenge, I assumed I should be able to fully rise to the occasion with 0% help.

So as a somewhat adult woman, I look at my small business and think the same thing. I see big businesses with their 50-500000 employees and think that I am nothing like them. I am just a small knitting operation and I can control it all. At least for a little while. I will save you the gory details, but that kind of logic ends up with too many responsibilities, too little sleep and an eventual burn out. That burn out can mean a hiatus of a few weeks or a complete shutdown, which is easy with only one worker. So why not hire someone for a few hours to get your logo done or help answer your emails? You don’t have to pay them $300/hr on a full time basis or even by the hour at all (hello contract jobs).

So my biggest question for you is: Which of the “buts” do you use? 

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I hired my friends to help me with my small business because it gave me more time to do the fun parts of being a creative businesswoman.


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