FiberFloraFire Update: December

Do you ever get so excited that all of a sudden you are getting up early, staying up late, and constantly doodling ideas in your Idea Notebook? Organization goes out the window and you are just brainstorming and creating your way into a happy dance!

That is where I am right now, so I want to share my ideas with you in greater detail than I can on social media.

Crochet Classes

I am offering two types of classes: Monthly Crochet-a-longs & a quarterly Introduction Class.

  • Monthly classes are hosted on the second Friday of each month. There is a maximum class size of 10 people because my little house can’t hold much more! Check my Facebook for all of the events in 2019!
  • Intro Classes are once per quarter and can be found also at my Facepage.
  • Private lessons and group lessons are available, facepage me for more information!


April’s Crochet-a-long above!


Pattern Releases

In the past three years, anything I have sold has been an Evie original. I am only one person and can’t make a headband for every person. So with that in mind, I am finally writing down my creations. Patterns for the monthly crochet-a-long will be available the first of each month on my etsy shop ! This winter I will be releasing some free patterns right here on this blog!

Etsy Shop

It will be updated on the first of every month and it will be super different than what you are use to. New items include:

  • More plushies
  • Hand dyed yarn
  • Patterns
  • Carrot scarf
  • Winter hats/scarves/cowls with some extreme colors


Peyton & Evie Phelps originals

Phew, that’s enough to keep me busy in planning and creating for the next few months. Click that “like” button on FB to keep up to date with me!

thanks for all of the support in 2018, y’all are amazing. See you in 2019, XOXO Evie 

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