Christmas Crafting Lessons

Guys, this year has been crazy! Between buying a house, getting married and trying to raise a small zoo, I have been so behind in my Christmas crafting. Anyone else feeling the struggle?

Usually, I wait until the last minute and spend ten days before Christmas knitting, crocheting and hot gluing my way into insomnia and panic attacks. This year is no different, here we are 9 days until Christmas and I have just piles of yarn and regret lying around. BUT last year taught me four valuable lessons that I am going to use this year!


Christmas Crafting Lessons

  1. You do not have to DIY for everyone. I have approximately 20 people I give gifts to. If I made a sweater for every single person, I would be in pain, crying constantly and have to quit my job. So know that if your Aunt Karen wants a sweater, it doesn’t mean that everyone needs one too. Just because you are crafty doesn’t mean that you can’t give a really great gift of store-bought soaps and wine. (My family, act like you didn’t just read that and you will be pleasantly surprised Christmas morning)
  2. Your DIY doesn’t have to be huge! Look at the sweater example above, could you make 20 sweaters? I don’t have time for sweaters, but I definitely have time for 10 hair scrunchies and 10 headbands. So reflect on what time you actually have and scale way down from your sweater-for-every-person campaign. It is still a huge sign of love that you made them something, no matter how small.
  3. Your DIY does NOT have to be perfect. If you are going to rip out that sweater one more time to redo it for one small dropped stitch, STOP IT. If your wreath is a little wonky on one side, leave it be. If your cookies don’t have enough chocolate in them, do not make another batch. You are the only one that is going to notice it and it isn’t worth you wasting precious time.
  4. Your DIY does not have to be on time. Okay, here’s the hard truth and some may say “lazy gift giving.” If your DIY is going to take you three weeks and you have 9 days, your friend will be okay getting it late. Life is insanely busy with work, kids, chickens, and on and on, so do not feel like you have to be super woman. Seriously, it isn’t lazy if you are going to give a quality gift and need a few extra weeks.

And my secret weapon for gift-giving: order it online. For those who aren’t crafty or are short on time, check out my etsy shop. I have some really cute gifts I will ship directly to your family and friends. #lazycrafter4life

If you have a small business that sells adorable crafts for Christmas, drop your link below because I still have half my family to buy for. XOXO Evie


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