5 Reasons to Knit


I am sure you are wondering why knitting has been such a big part of my life. This August is my ten year knitting anniversary, so I have decided to share with you my top five reasons to start knitting TODAY.


  1. Portable :                                                                                                                                  Not all crafts can be transported on a plane, train or automobile! Have you ever tried taking a glue gun on a plane? It’s hard to find an outlet and you never have enough space. This is not an issue with knitting.
  2. Distraction :                                                                                                                             Have you ever had to wait in a waiting room? My God, the amount of time I have spent in a waiting room on my phone probably adds up to at least a month. So why not bring a project with you? Instead of watching cat videos, you could be making a scarf while you watch cat vids at the doctors office!
  3. Stress Reliever :                                                                                                                     After a long, hard day nothing lets me unwind like just one row. Of knitting, not a white substance that resembles sugar but is definitely NOT sugar. For five minutes I can focus on just knitting and the rest of the world fades away.
  4. Community :                                                                                                                                 I have found such an amazing fiber arts community in southern Indiana, which was really unexpected. I have met so many ladies who are expert knitters, crocheters, dyers, and spinners. I swear knit night is more than just knitting, it is therapy! If you want to join us, get on the email list at the bottom of the page.
  5. Feeling of Accomplishment :                                                                                              Girl, I cannot express fully how great it feels to finish a sweater and then proceeding to wear that sweater every day for three months. It is like you just won gold at the Olympics. When someone asks “did you make that?” It is like you won gold and then placed first at the Derby.

So what is stopping you from learning how to knit today?


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Knitting. Coffee. Essential oils. Hiking.

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